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Rolf Method
of Structural Integration 

Structural Integration has been around since the 1970s. Developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, a Biochemist with the Rockafeller Institute. Her son had significant physical issues, in which she took it upon herself to work on his hands while he played the piano. This is when she learned that the material in the body we call FASCIA or CONNECTIVE TISSUE was related to the entire system. As above so below. 

From there she and a few select individuals, my teachers, developed what we call today the 10 Series. The 10 Series is a systematic approach to realigning the body in time and space - what does this mean? Rolfers help clients find ease, comfort, and stability in the body while educating them on proper movement and functional patterning. 

Rolfers are Educators first - Bodyworkers second. 

Welcome to your new(er) system of body education! 

I currently service the Greater Pittsburgh region, Southern Utah, and Northern New Mexico. Please see my schedule on Social Media or reach out in person. 

Sessions 1 thru 3 

Our goals are to work towards loosening the grips of your body, areas around the shoulders, chest, jawline, feet, and ankles, and sides of the legs. You could consider these three consecutive sessions to be the imperative foundation in which to revive the remainder of the work. Clients typically feel an overall sense of lightness and ease in the body throughout the first course of the work. 

front arm L.jpg

Sessions 4 thru 7

Considered to be where the bulk of the work occurs. Here we begin with the arches of your feet, up to the pelvis and around the lower back. Continuing on thru the entire system we will address sections of the body as they relate to the whole. Think of a cobweb and if you pull on the lower left, the upper right is affected. It is normal, during this segment of sessions 4-7 to feel an array of things from joy to sadness as the body is undergoing reconstruction. It is important during this time, to take good care of the self and not overdo anything. Pay attention to how you are feeling and honor that place. Journaling is key as well as proper nutrition and rest. 

Foot 4.jpg

Sessions 7 thru 10

In session 7 we could call this "putting the head on" as we work to balance the cranium in time and space - allowing for it to 'float' from the neck spine. Who doesn't need that!? In 8 and 9 we balance both girdles, and in 10 we wrap up any loose ends, or stubborn areas, and aim to help you find your new home in your body. Ideally, by now, you are a more upright human walking gracefully in the world with brand new awareness about yourself that you get to explore. 

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