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Movement Classes with L'aura 


Designed in 2009 in Austin, Texas, and after seeing the need to bring form and function to my work as a Structural Integrator. I had classically been a Primary Series Ashtanga Yoga teacher and a Hatha Yoga teacher for seven. This practice is my translation to the modern world of movement and bodywork and clients at large. 


This class will guide you through yoga asana, meridian activation movements, postural alignment and balance, and breathwork techniques. All are derived from yoga, the Alexander Technique, Chinese Medicine, and Structural Integration. 


You will learn about fascial anatomy and its importance to immunity, the meridian system, where your organs are placed, and the significance of keeping your organs healthy with movement and food therapy. We work mostly on the floor in supine seated postures before standing. 


You will learn to feel and understand the fluid body, or subtle body while exploring basic anatomical relationships - while walking away feeling lighter, and more connected to life and your body. 

This practice style teaches you to incorporate breath and movement into Rolfing Structural Integration concepts that complement the 10 Series System. 


A mat, a yoga strap, two yoga blocks, and a blanket. All Level. All welcome. 



Classes are always 90-minute


RolfYoga Break-Out Sessions

In these 60-minute 'break-out session classes' we will explore a variety of movement experiences that follow the RolfYoga system. 

The design of these classes is to target specific areas of the body ie: low back, legs, head/neck, and arms, and/or conditions such as navigating migraines, low back pain, fatigue and anxiety, and the like. Think of these classes more like a workshop - partnering up will be incorporated. 

Stay tuned for dates and location of class. 

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