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RolfYoga Level 1 

RolfYoga Level 1

This Level 1/ introduction course will guide you thru basic yoga asana, movement concepts, and breathwork that I have studied and crafted over the years. You will learn about things like the front line of the body, backline, midline, seated poses, supine postures, and more. You will learn how to incorporate breathing into these Structural Integration concepts that compliment the 10 Series System. This class is geared for the 10 series client, but open to all. You will need a mat, strap, and two yoga blocks. A blanket is optional. 

Tuesday at 11 a.m. MT / Regrstragion Tab Coming Soon.

RolfYoga Level 2 

RolfYoga Level 2

In this course, you will build upon your knowledge from the Introduction/Level 1 class which is required to move to level 2.  Here you will learn standing poses as they relate to fascial anatomy, breathing techniques to compliment, and a few advanced seated poses different from level 1. This class requires the structure to find more stability, as this is now the focus. We will start from the feet, where it all begins, and work up from there. You will need a strap, yoga mat, two blocks, and a folding chair for this class. 

Thursday's 11 a.m. MT / Registration Tab Coming Soon.

RolfYoga level 3 

RolfYoga Level 3

Here we build from the ground up as learned in Level 2, and bring the spiral to a now lengthened spine. Once the spine understands length, and functions as so regularly, it can now start to incorporate the undulation it was meant to have. When we become stiff and very lateral in our movements, we lose that necessary elasticity the spine needs for the whole system to operate properly.

ie: "You are as young, as your spine is flexible." This class is designed for the client receiving sessions 7-10 and those who've already completed a series of both Levels 1and 2. You will need a mat, two yoga blocks, a strap, a folding chair, and a thick blanket. 

Saturday's at 11 a.m. MT / Regristration Tab Coming Soon.
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