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ABOUT L'aura 

My healing journey began with an early and extensive background in dance and gymnastics. Experiencing a sport-related injury as a teen, I was placed out of commission to compete or even practice. I spent years in physical and emotional pain while not finding the right support or answers - I felt very alone. All there was at this time, and in the region I grew up in was Chiropractic and PT, which neither helped me. I stopped going, and many years later discovered yoga on the library shelves of all places. Then, a studio in the city... the rest, is literally history. 

I would drive one hour into the city to take classes with a French-Vietnamese woman studying under Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga yoga. After many years, she then appointed me to lead her classes while in India. This is how it was done then, there was no RYT, and the teacher dictated who and when one would lead a group of students. I wish that were still the case, to be honest... 

I spent many years with this teacher, then she was off to learn Neuromedicine and I found myself at a crossroads. I wanted to continue learning, but there was literally no one.. so back to the library, this is pre-Google, and discovered a whole range of teachers coming up from India sharing this art. I located six teachers all over the United States to 'interview', packed my car, broke up with my boyfriend, and hit the road. I started at YogaVille in Virginia then onto Yogi Hari in Florida. I walked out of his ashram after one week and kept driving west. The further west I got, the more right I found this for me. I was returning home, and returning to myself - for the first time. It was when I landed in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and took one class with Tias Little that I knew I had met my next teacher. Is it not just glorious these moments? Tias became my main teacher for nearly 17 years. I spent over 10,000 hours under his direction and worked at the studio. While considering Acupuncture as a next career, Tias encouraged me to look into Rolfing. What is a very long story there, I will share here that I have had the GREAT fortune of being on Peter Melchoirs table just a year shy of his death. In this world, Rolfing, this is a huge privilege. Peter took me through the 10 Series as a class model in 2003, and that term I was enrolled as a student. 


Over my twenty-two-year career, I have since undertaken the studies of Ayurveda, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and Visceral Manipulation. In recent years I am working more with the canine, as they are my deep passion. I aid in resolving pain, and trauma while supporting their humans in how to work with them particularly when rehoming from a shelter. 

In recent days, I am diving more deeply into my creativity and embodiment of the feminine by means of photography, painting, writing, and tantra. I have a few projects in the hopper and most of my work and interest can be found through social media. I am a lifelong learner, seeker, and lover. I like to cook, make chocolate, and spend time with my Rhodesian Ridgeback companion. I live and work between Santa Fe, New Mexico, Kanab, Utah, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and will do just about anything to save an animal. 


Education | Training 

META Digital Media and Marketing | Online with Coursera 

700-hour certificate program 

How To Publish Your Photography Book |  Online Course with La Luz Workshops, NYC 

with Darius Himes and Mary Virginia Swanson 

Fear Free Training |  Fear Free, LLC

Certification Program 

Structural Integration | The Guild for Structural Integration - Boulder, Colorado 

Graduate receiving over 1,4oo hours of training with 580 hours in Integrative Massage Therapy.

Instructors include Peter Melchior, Neil Powers, David Davis, Andy Goodwin, Liz Steward, and Nilce Silva. 

Watsu | Aspen Meadows Aquatic Center - Nederland, Colorado

Watsu Level 1 

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy |  Stillpoint - New York City 

Visceral Manipulation |  The Barrall Institute, Level 1 & 2 Abdomen and Thorax - Maryland and Connecticut 

Yoga - Yoga Source Directed Under Tias Little, Santa Fe, New Mexico Over 10,000 Hours. 

Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, Angela Farmer, Erich Schiffman, and other local directors dating back to 1990 

University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work | Inherited Family Trauma with Mark Wolynn Certification. 

The Alexander Technique | 75 Hours of practical and class training and collaboration with Carolyn Johnson. 

Ayurveda | Dr. David Frawley, Vasant Lad of the Ayurvedic Institute, and Melanie Philips of the Madhuri Method. 

Nutrition |  Macrobiotics with Paul Pitchford of the Heartwood Institute, Plant-Based Foods with Dr. Gemma Newman of London UK, and Rich Roll, Ultra Athlete, Los Angeles.

Meditation and Spiritual | Gia Combs-Ramirez, Roshi Joan Halifax, Sandra Ingerman, Vipassana Meditation, and Heartfulness or Sahaj Marg a Raja Yoga Meditation System.

My undergraduate work is in biology from the University of Pittsburgh. 


ASPCA Volunteer |  Kansas and New Mexico 

Best Friends Volunteer | Kanab, Utah 

Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Volunteer | East Coast Chapter 

Humane Society Volunteer | Butler, Pennsylvania 

Animal Welfare Seed Fund Organizer | L'aura Marie Campisi 

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