ABOUT L'aura 

Hi, I'm L'!  

I am not so unlike you.

I spent years in physical pain, and not finding the right support or answers, I felt very alone. I was a mixture of intense dissatisfaction and strong determination.  My path toward healing and finding the answers began around the age of twelve. I stand here now, with a desire to facilitate these messages to you through hands-on work and movement, and dialog.  There is a world of possibility out there when we open the door and remain willing. 


Throughout this three-decade healing journey,  I have studied, practiced, and become certified in the following modalities that I currently offer to the public: 

  • Rolf Method of Structural Integration 

  • Visceral and Craniosacral Therapy 

  • Ayurvedic Consultation 

  • RolfYoga Classes  

  • Watsu 

  • Canine Trauma & Structural Therapy

  • Canine de-Stressing Techniques  

During my twenty-year career in the healing arts, nine of those recent years I operated my own clinic in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the more recent months, I've been in Kanab, Utah, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. 


I bring an offering of healing, hope, humanity, humor, and honesty.

I am currently offering one-to-one services to the public. 

Masks are optional, I will be wearing one during out work.  




Rolf Method of Structural Integration - I am a 2005 graduate from The Guild for Structural Integration based then in Boulder, CO, and received over 1,4oo hours of training with 580 hours in Integrative massage therapy. My instructors include Peter Melchior, Neil Powers, David Davis, Andy Goodwin, Liz Steward, and Nilce Silva. 

Watsu - Aspen Meadows Aquatic Center, Level 1 

Craniosacral Biodynamics - Stillpoint, Introduction Course.  

Visceral Manipulation -  The Barral Institute, Level 1-2. 

Yoga Training - Tias Little has been my main teacher for two decades while I’ve also studied under Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, Angela Farmer, Erich Schiffman, and other local directors dating back to 1992.

The Alexander Technique - 75 Hours practical and class training and collaboration with Carolyn Johnson. 

Ayurveda - Dr. David Frawley, Vasant Lad of the Ayurvedic Institute, and Melanie Philips of the Madhuri Method. 

Nutrition - Macrobiotics with Paul Pitchford of the Heartwood Institute, Plant-Based foods with Dr. Gemma Newman of London UK, and Rich Roll, Ultra Athlete, Los Angeles.

Meditation and Spiritual -  Gia Combs-Ramirez, Roshi Joan Halifax, Sandra Ingerman, Vipassana Meditation, and Heartfulness or Sahaj Marg a Raja Yoga Meditation System.

My undergraduate work is in plant biology from the University of Pittsburgh. 


Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Volunteer 

Humane Society International 

Animal Welfare Seed Fund Organizer 

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Serving the West Coast of the US 

 CampisiHolistic@gmail.com  |  Tel: 505/501.0279

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