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MovingSophia is a compassionate, humane animal resource offering the following services: 

  • Canine de-Stressing techniques 

  • Pre-post surgery therapy 

  • Therapy for traumatized dogs

  • From Kennel to New Home Integrating Techniques 

  • Emergency transportation

  • Transition Assistance

  • Grief / Loss support 

  • Monthly Zoom K-9 de-Stressing Classes 


I work with individuals,  groups, and clinics. 

MovingSopha's Seed Fund supports front-line care workers including food, medical, and transportation. You can follow the animals who have received care on my social media pages. Donations are always welcome. 

To learn more about the Zoom classes:


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  • Instagram
" I met L’aura after responding to a Facebook post regarding classes for de-stressing your K-9. My husband and I had recently rescued a 7 yo female Rhodesian Ridgeback and he drove from Delaware to Georgia to get her, so she had a few days to bond with him. Once she was settled in I found that she became extremely anxious when my husband left for any length of time and I was unable to console her. She would walk away from me and basically ignore me. I spoke with L’ at great length and she was extremely knowledgeable, offering helpful advice on how to connect with Rumor (Ru) and gain her trust. I then followed up with L’s private Facetime and group Zoom classes utilizing Craniosacral Therapy to minimize the effects of previous trauma, lessen anxiety, and reduce any pain and discomfort. L’ explained the whole process and the rationale behind all of the techniques, accompanied by corresponding diagrams. Ru and I made slow and steady progress, albeit with a few backslides, but L’ was always available with suggestions for alternative techniques and provided ongoing support. Today Rumor seems well adjusted with no separation anxiety, although she remains primarily bonded with my husband, she responds and listens to me, and I have become a member of “her pack”. I credit L’ and her therapies for this transformation. " 
- Joan
Willmington, Delaware 
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