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Digital Media

The world of Social Media can be fun and a little daunting or intimidating to many. One thing is certain.. it is constantly changing. Where we once had 6 seconds to capture prospective clients' attention, is now a staggering 3. As my career evolves,  I am offering an array of services in Social Media Consultation. I have been leading all of my marketing [paper and digital] for well over 20 years. Let me help get you started or have a look over what you currently have and direct you on your path! 


To learn more and to receive my rate sheet please email me:

Social Media Consultation
Development and Management of your Social Media Profile and Content. My focus is on Retreat Centers, Spas, Yoga/Pilates Centers, Bodyworkers, Writers, Artists, Musicians, and the Artesian. 


Services include print materials, web consultation, overall marketing, and language for your business.
Photography, video, and language content.

Specializing in small business development. 
Professions include bodyworkers, yoga studios, boutiques, artists, musicians, and writers. Also non-profits and animal rescue and wild life refuge. 


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