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As a bodyworker and a yoga practitioner, it is refreshing to see how different L’ approaches the body and the language that she uses to describe it. Starting with the foundation (the feet) and working up the building blocks allows the smallest adjustments to change poor postural positions often neglected by other approaches. The results can be so specific that even in a group class you can feel like it’s a private session. Her anatomical knowledge of the dynamic body plane system makes L’ stand alone in the Pittsburgh area as a healer and consultant. I would refer anyone to L’ who has been dealing with chronic issues and is losing hope that there really is a way to strengthen, elongate and build upon a body that can function with decreased pain/discomfort.

- Rachel Simon 

L’ offers the antidote to Western society and its effects on health and well-being. With L’aura’s expertise and genuine enthusiasm for nutrition, anatomy/kinesiology, yoga, self-healing, and mindfulness, her clients really benefit from this holistic approach. I’ve trusted L’ to my care for RolfYoga and Structural Integration. If L’ develops a cult following or “rock star” status among those interested in healing and well-being, I wouldn’t be surprised as I know she is already very well respected among her peers and clients!

-Melissa M. McSwigan

I’ve been suffering from chronic lower back pain since 2008 and have tried just about everything in the alternative realm (ie: yoga, exercise, massage, acupuncture) to manage the condition.  In 2016 I did the 10 series with L’, and she immediately picked up on injuries in my body from high school that could have been part of the problem. L’ explained how injuries, emotions, traumas, etc are stored in our body, and towards the end of the 10 sessions with L’, she recommended I see a therapist who combines energy work with psychotherapy. Dealing with the physical and emotional bodies together has given me relief that I have not had in years.  My back feels better and I’m overall much stronger. This has been the new normal for me for the past 8 months, and I hope for years to come as I continue to work with L’.   


- Carolyn Anderson 

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