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Lung Rising.

I learned through my yoga teacher many many moons ago, when the body is in a state of arousal for too long.. it can go 'damp', out of balance, hot, rigid. We have been in this state of arousal for two years now as a result of the pandemic. But I would argue, longer. Our society almost forces us to live in the future, which in the body registers as anxiety. Yet we can learn to balance this by practicing mindfulness, slowness and steadiness of breath and being.

From eating our meals to walking our pets, how we pump gas or talk on the phone. All of these things can be practiced in a healthful way allowing the body and all systems to operate in a symphonic harmony. All we need, are the right tools and the right messages.

I am happy to announce the departure of and a re-emersion of my life and my practice this week. As I have closed things down in Pittsburgh, PA where for a decade I've operated my own private practice.. the west awaits! I will be moving around the New Mexico and Utah states seeking a new home and place to practice. While exploring, I will be teaching RolfYoga classes via Zoom (which will be announced via Instagram, Facebook and newsletter) and spending time at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary learning more about rescue. I plan to relaunch all of the K-9 classes again, while building out a digital library - very excited about this!

In the meanwhile.. I would love to hear from you. What sort of classes would you like to see? What topics would you like to explore and learn more about? From movement, to bodywork, to canine de-stressing to chocolate and health... please share your interests.

This is the beginning of a very hands on practice of twenty-five years evolving to a nearly full digital platform. I am excited, nervous, all the things... but most importantly, feel grateful beyond measure and ready!

Thank you Pittsburgh for all you offered, and thank you Universe for showing me the way..

With love, L'

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