Our bodies are the history books of our lives. The collective tension and experiences throughout our life reside in our bodies and are linked to events that have happened in our past. We hold these histories in many places; the neck, jaw, back, shoulders, our organs ultimately shaping how we move. With the combination of hands-on work, movement, individual-specific nutrition, and meditation – we have an opportunity to learn about what is hidden in our bodies and become the witness to what is ready to emerge. Working together, we create fresh and open insights that allow us to heal and grow. In the world of bodywork, we often say it best to come from the source and transmission is vital.

Thank you so much for visiting my page. My name is L’aura Marie Campisi.  I was born in southern Florida in the ’70s and grew up in Western Pennsylvania. My father is a fourth-generation Italian stonemason, my mother of French descent a baker and designer. Before living out west as a young adult, my time was spent in the gymnasium tumbling and falling – a lot – while helping my parents in their businesses. We come from a long line of family entrepreneurs and artisans, and I am happy to continue that passage with my own individual vision and creations. I have been facilitating body-mind education for over 25 years, including Ashtanga and Hatha yoga, to my independent design and teaching of RolfYoga. I approach my work from a non-denominational and present view. My love of plant-based cuisine, natural medicine, and self-care tools are woven into the fabric of my time with every client. I have authored two training manuals in RolfYoga, and am currently working on a few other pieces of literature. While enrolled in an Ayurvedic-Yoga training program during the shut-down, I’ve been sorting thru how to effectively move forward in this practice which is normally very hands-on. 

I am a 2005 graduate from The Guild for Structural Integration, receiving over 1,4oo hours of training with 580 hours in Integrative Massage Therapy. My instructors include Peter Melchior, Neil Powers, and Nilce Silva. I’ve also completed an Intro Course to Craniosacral Biodynamics with Stillpoint in NYC and am in the certification process with The Barrel Institute for Visceral Manipulation. The Aspen Meadows Aquatic Center is where I completed a Level 1 Watsu Practitioner training. My yoga background is quite diverse. Tias Little, I would say has been my main teacher while I’ve also studied under Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, Angela Farmer, and other local directors dating back to 1993. Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr. David Frawley have been my educators in Ayurveda, as more recently Melanie Phillips. Upon the various nutritional components,  macrobiotics with Paul Pitchford of the Heartwood Institute, and Plant-Based Diets for Athletes with Rich Roll have been the more pivotal for me as well as all of the Ayurvedic foods literature. My spiritual and meditation instructors include Gia Combs-Ramirez, Roshi Joan Halifax, Sandra Ingerman, the Vipassana Meditation practice, and Heartfulness or Sahaj Marg a Raja Yoga Meditation System. 





A few things to know. 

  • Currently, the practice is currently still closed due to COVID-19 which includes RolfYoga classes and any hands-on work.
  • The website is currently undergoing a big change including a shopping cart and updates on Covid-19 practices.  
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Structural Integration

Structural Integration and Visceral Therapy is still closed to in-person clients during this time of Covid-19. Updates on openings will go out in a newsletter where you can sign up for here. 


I am currently seeing clients online by booking a private session. 

K9 Therapy

Including K9 trauma therapy, positive reinforcement training between human and k9, and structural therapy. MovingSophia donates a percentage of all profits to a seed fund which then goes to animals in need, animal welfare, and transportation or medical for animals. I work with clients privately in a park or open space setting during this time of Covid-19 as well as animal clinics. 

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